About Labflight

Labflight is an information portal serving the research community.  Its objectives are to educate researchers on rationale and methods to exploit microgravity and to provide assistance in doing so.  This includes:

  • Assessing whether microgravity is appropriate for your research
  • Understanding and selecting among the various methods to access microgravity
  • Choosing providers, scheduling flights, packaging experiment, and integration

For information and assistance, please contact info@labflight.com.

For questions about the Microgravity Research Competition, please contact the following:

  • For questions regarding the Competition except regarding the online submission process, please contact Sean Thompson, Heinlein Prize Trust, sean.thompson@dula.com, 713-861-3600.
  • For questions about the online submission process, please contact Sheethal Lankipalle, Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship, Sheethal.Lankipalle@rice.edu, 713-348-3622.

Banner image of insulin crystals grown in microgravity, credit Center for Biophysical Sciences and Engineering.

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