Additional Information

For questions about the Microgravity Spaceflight Competition, other than the online submission process, please contact Sean Thompson, Heinlein Prize Trust,, 713-861-3600.

For questions about the online submission process, please contact Sheethal Lankipalle, Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship,, 713-348-3622.

The winner and the Heinlein Prize Trust will enter into an agreement outlining terms and conditions associated with the launch.  Terms are expected to include:

  • The proposer retains all intellectual property rights resulting from its experiment.
  • Competition organizers, sponsors, and contractors shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the experiment hardware.
  • The experiment hardware may not fly if it does not meet schedule or technical requirements.
  • SpaceX reserves the right to fly the winning payload on a subsequent mission instead of the C2 COTS Demo flight.
  • If the flight fails in any way, the organizers shall not be obligated to provide another flight opportunity.

This competition is neither organized nor endorsed by NASA.

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