Design Loads

In general, the Dragon spacecraft will provide payload environments for the winner of the Microgravity Research Competition which are consistent with those of the Space Shuttle middeck.  The dynamic environment experienced by a specific experiment is a function of the mass of the experiment itself, its location in the spacecraft, the specific mechanical mounting scheme, and the total mass of all payloads in the spacecraft.  For this reason, a coupled loads analysis is typically performed once all these parameters are defined to provide realistic values for a specific payload.

The first figure below plots major accelerations expected at various times.  Two splashdown points indicate the range of possible accelerations depending upon splashdown conditions.  The second figure is a plot of vibration load factors.  These provide the expected dynamic envelop for the purposes of experiment design.  SpaceX will work with the winning institution to define the expected environments further.  Mounting fixtures may incorporate vibration isolation if necessary to attenuate undesirable vibration and shock.  

Major Accelerations at Various Times
Middeck Random Vibration Load Factor

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