Experiment Hardware

The interface provided by SpaceX for the Microgravity Research Competition will accommodate a single middeck locker, a standard container used on the Space Shuttle.  Although existing middeck locker or other hardware might be available, a simple solution designed and built in-house can also be considered.  In either case, the experiment must verifiably comply with the technical requirements, with verification per MIL-STD-1540D (available from store.mil-standards.com) to preclude damage to the Dragon spacecraft.

Organizations desiring technical assistance or considering use of existing hardware are welcome to contact independent organizations which have developed and integrated microgravity payloads.  Please note that there is no guarantee that any services and hardware are available, and that these organizations may request funding for their assistance.

For a list of these organizations and microgravity experiment hardware that they have developed, please click on “Hardware” below.

BioServe Expt.
UAB Experiment

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