Experiment Hardware

Listed below are several independent organizations which have developed and integrated microgravity payloads. 

BioServe Space Technologies, Boulder, CO

  • Contact:  Louis Stodieck, stodieck@colorado.edu 
  • Web Site:  www.colorado.edu/engineering/BioServe
  • Potentially Available Hardware
    • Fluids Processing Apparatus
    • Group Activation Pack
    • Isothermal Containment Module
    • Small Habitats (Nematode, cell culture, plant development, butterfly, spider, and silicate garden habitats)
    • Camera Modules
    • Gas-Exchange Fermentation Apparatus
    • Illuminated Culture Vessel
    • BioServe Culture Apparatus
    • Isothermal Containment Module 


  • Contact:  John Porter, jporter@spacehab.com
  • Web Site:  www.spacehab.com
  • Potentially Available Hardware
    • SPACEHAB Locker (mates directly to Dragon interface plate)
    • Bags, custom foam inserts

Center for Biophysical Sciences and Engineering (CBSE), Birmingham, AL

  • Contact:  Lee Moradi, moradi@uab.edu
  • Web Site:  www.cbse.uab.edu
  • Potentially Available Hardware
    • Microgravity Experiment Research Locker Incubator
    • High Density Protein Crystal Growth
    • EXPRESS Air Generic Locker Equivalent
    • Protein Crystallization Facility
    • Video Control and Monitor System
    • Commercial Refrigerator Incubator Module (Modified)

Techshot, Greenville, IN

Paragon Space Development Corp., Tucson, AZ

BioServe Expt.
UAB Experiment

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