Microgravity Tutorial

We approach a new era of accessibility of microgravity enabling a broader community to conduct leading-edge research.  To assist in understanding the potential applications of microgravity, this section reviews several promising applications which have been studied on the International Space Station (ISS), Space Shuttle, Russian Mir, and other spacecraft.

The table at right lists unique aspects of microgravity which can provide significant benefits in academic, commercial, and government research in a wide variety of disciplines.   Examples of these applications are discussed on the following pages.

This section is adapted from Stone, Dennis and Pellis, Neal, “The Potential Impacts of NASA’s COTS Initiative on Developing the Microgravity Market in LEO,” IAC-08-A2.6.A4, 2008.  Used by permission.

Unique Aspects of MicroG1

Cell Biology

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Macromolecular Crystal Growth






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