Proposal Content

Proposals for the Microgravity Research Competition shall have the following sections and total no more than 25 pages (not including appendix) and use 12-point font.  Guidelines for section length are given.  The content of sections 1 and 2 shall be publicly releasable.

  1. Cover Sheet – Name of the proposing organization; title of the proposal; Principal Investigator name, email, and phone; and proposal summary of 300 words or less.  This shall be the cover sheet.   (1 page)
  2. Key Personnel and Partner Information (1-2 pp.)
    • Names, roles, and contact information key personnel
    • Identification of participating organizations and description of their roles.
  3. Experiment Objective – Describe scientific basis for the experiment (2-5 pp.)
  4. Commercial Potential (2-5 pp.)
    • What is the commercial potential of this research?  What are the potential applications?  What are the potential benefits?
    • What are the planned pathways to commercialize this technology?  Identify potential partners, including their roles and status on this project if any.  What resources may be needed to commercialize this after this flight and what are the potential sources?
    • Describe any additional work in microgravity (after this flight) that may be required to complete this research or to commercialize this technology.
    • What are the status and plans for intellectual property used or created?
  5. Experiment (3-6 pp.)
    • Provide an overview of the experiment design and operation.
    • If designed in-house, provide preliminary engineering sketches.
    • If from an outside source, provide a letter of intent from the provider of the hardware to allow its use on this flight.
    • What are the samples, materials, tissues, to be flown?  What are the preparatory steps?  What will take place during experiment operation in microgravity?  What post-flight analyses are planned? 
    • List all pressure vessels to be flown.  Identify any potential hazards to ground personnel and any pre- or post-flight handling requirements.
  6. Project Plan – Provide a schedule and budget for the project (2-3 pp.)
  7. Data Restrictions – State whether any of sections 3 through 6 and the appendix may be publicly released.  (1 page)
  8. Appendix – C.V. of all key personnel listed in section 2.

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