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Below are answers to several questions:

1) Question:  Is there an ability to load a payload just prior to launch, e.g. for living samples?

    Answer: Although DragonLab will support late-load and early access for payloads, this C2 Demonstration mission will not.  This is done to avoid interference with the primary objectives of the mission as defined under the COTS agreement, which is demonstrating the spacecraft itself.  So the payload would need to be self-sufficient from integration through umbilical connection on the launch pad.

2) Question:  We'd like to request technical information regarding the "mid-deck" locker that will be used on this flight.

    Answer:  SpaceX is NOT providing the middeck locket itself: only accommodations for it on the spacecraft.  We are flexible in terms of precise mechanical configuration, though to limit the variability we are stipulating a “middeck locker” as defined in SSP 52000-IDD-ERP Revision G, sections 3.3 and/or 3.4.  Note that there are subtle differences between the shuttle middeck lockers and the ISS EXPRESS rack lockers. Either will be acceptable to SpaceX. This includes front or rear-breathing options. General air circulation will be provided in the Dragon capsule.

3) Question:  We are reviewing your RFP to propose one of our payload lockers. The figure shown in the reference section of the RFP is a single adapter plate for the Shuttle Middeck.  Our payload locker requires a standard payload mounting panel for the Shuttle Middeck that has 4-.250-28UNJF-3B holes (See NSTS-21000-IDD-MDK or SSP-52000).  Will a standard payload mounting panel be provided?  The single adapter plate does not have the 4-threaded holes we require.

    Answer:  As mentioned above, either Shuttle middeck or ISS EXPRESS rack lockers (per SSP 52000-IDD-ERP Revision G) are acceptable to SpaceX.  The mounting brackets and detailed mechanical interface will be worked out with the winning payload team.

4) Question:  What are the power limits?

    Answer:  Electrical power is limited to the following:

      Average:   Less than 130 W

      Peak:  Less than 300 W for less than 2 minutes

5) Question:  Are teams allowed to have members who are foreign nationals?

    Answer:  Foreign nationals are permitted on the team, but foreign nationals will not be allowed to visit SpaceX facilities.

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