The Award

The winner of the Microgravity Research Competition shall receive the following.

Flight of Experiment in Microgravity in Earth Orbit – An experiment that is provided by the winner will be launched by SpaceX on its second COTS demonstration flight (C2), currently scheduled for November 2009.  This will be a "free flier" in low-Earth orbit (LEO); it will not go to ISS.  It will provide ample periods and levels of microgravity to accommodate a wide range of applications.  The experiment, which must meet the requirements of section , will be launched inside the pressurized Dragon spacecraft by a Falcon 9 launch vehicle from Cape Canaveral, Florida.  The spacecraft is planned to orbit for 4.5 days, splash down off the California coast, and be recovered.  The experiment will be available to the winner one week after splashdown.

Grant – The winner will receive a grant of $25,000.

Launch Event – Four winner representatives will be provided air travel and hotel accommodations to see the SpaceX launch of their experiment in Florida.

Publicity – The organizers will publicize winner selection and the launch viewing event.  The winner is welcome to join in media relations activities.

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